Friday, January 20, 2012

Major Nesting

So I officially got the nesting bug last week and it just keeps getting stronger.

It started with a quilt I was making for my friends son. I had tried making a blanket for him at his birth but I messed it up and put it away to take to a real sewer to help me with it...2 years later and I decided to scrap it and make a quilt instead.

Using the Irish Chain pattern I used for Baby Flores, I thought it'd be nice to make it bigger than toddler size so I used the size 12x12 blocks...well, a little miss calculation later and I end up making a Full size quilt!!!

Here's some photos of the progress & finished quilt:

1 Chain of 12x12 Blocks
Chains sewn together & Finished backside:
Finished Quilt!
In the middle of making this I had a break cuz I ran out of fabric so I started on another toddler quilt for another friend who is expecting their first in October:
And just to top things off, I have a 1 year old b-day party to go to this weekend so I thought I'd make another blanket as a gift: (not a quilt but did sew & tie off to give the allusion of one)

I also made a stacking toy (without a pattern), which didn't turn out as I hoped but I learned a lot so will try again soon. Here's a pic:
Because I can't sit at the sewing machine all day, so I also started making jams and canning. The process is really intense and takes roughly 3-4 hours! I've made Blackberry, Strawberry & Plum Jams as well as Lemon Curd. I canned 70 little jars as favors for the Baby Shower BBQ and several half pints that I plan to give for presents. We cracked open a strawberry this week and all I have to say is, there's nothing like homemade jam! Next up is Peach Jam & Peach Chutney!

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