About Mary

From Miss Mary to Momma Mary

I've always been very mother hen my whole life. Always looking after others, cooking, baking, gifting and taking care of those near and dear to me. Then last year I had the best gift ever enter my life, my little baby boy Maiyo Torin.

Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I have lots of recipes, crafts and quilts that I get to finally try my hand at. I hope that you enjoy my musings and even try some of the creations I put forth.

Cooking and Crafting have been such an integral part of my life as I've been cooking since I was 10, baking since 12, taking culinary classes, been an event planner, pastry chef, cooking instructor, librarian, NASA civil servant, nanny, among many many other things. And in all my years experience, I've found that I prefer doing things for fun, for family and for friends.

I also have an intense passion for cycling and founded a beginner women's cyclocross & mountain bike team called Ciclista Bonita (beautiful cyclist). Cycling is where I meet most of my closest friends as well as the love of my life and father of my son, Anastasio.

Its because of these wonderful relationships that I wish to share all my creations and hope you enjoy this labor of love from me to you.

-momma mary