Friday, January 20, 2012

Autumn Quilt

The Holidays have been over for a while now and all my Christmas stuff has been packed away since December 28th, that is except for my Christmas Quilt, and that's because it's the only quilt I have. It's been so cold that I hate to pack away it's I decided to make 2 new quilts for my bed. But for now I'm just going to concentrate on one, which I have named my Autumn quilt.

I decided to follow this Heirloom Quilt pattern by Quilting in the Rain but I'm going to double the size for my queen bed. If I calculated right, that should be 48 7in blocks to make the triangles and 48 6 1/4in solid blocks for a 70" by 93" quilt. My queen is 60" x 84" so I think I'll only need a 1" border, but I have yet to choose the fabric for the border.

All of the fabrics are from Hearts Fabrics in Santa Cruz. I only have 7 colors and I need one more which I'll pick out at their annual super bowl sale in a couple of weeks, but for now here are the 6 1/4 in squares:

I've cut all the remaining fabric for the 7 in squares and will be sewing them soon. I'll post an update when I complete a couple of them.

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