Friday, November 2, 2012

Advent Calendar

With the leftover material and scraps from Maiyo's Stocking Project I decided to make an advent calendar to match. It will consist of 24 little houses with a pocket on each to hold little goodies. Then it'll be strung on holiday ribbon to match!

With the remaining felt cut out 24 rectangles measuring 3" x 4.5" Then cut the tops off the rectangles using a 45 degree measurement:

From the quilting fabric cut out 24 squares measuring 3" x 3". (using 4 different fabrics I cut 6 squares from each)

Press down top side by 1/4" then sew across. Do this to all squares.

Then press down remaining sides by 1/4" and place on a felt house and sew the three un-sewn sides to make a pocket:

Now for the Numbers. You have a few options:
1-Buy numbers (either iron-on or sew-on)
2-Write numbers on with fabric paint
3-Hand stitch the numbers on. (this is what I did)

Then I completed by attaching them to holiday ribbon:

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