Sunday, November 4, 2012

Foodie Penpal

Hey Everyone,

October was the second time I participated in Foodie Penpal! I'm totally late on this write up cuz I got distracted with being made Race Director of the Surf City Cyclocross Series last minute and had a race to put on in less than 6 weeks! (it went well btw:-)

My foodie penpal was Dani in New Jersey (I hope she's ok from the storm!), and I received this wonderful box from her:

The smells coming from the spices and chocolate, oh my they were amazing! Yum! I especially can't wait to try the mulling spices, oh and the local honey! How fun is that!

And most wonderful of all were these:

I wonder what type they are? Anyone know??? I love apples and to receive these beauties that are so different from what we have around here is so exciting. Dani suggested I hollow them out then bake with the cinnamon, definitely will do!

*UPDATE: Dani is fine but has been without power for 7 days and her home town has been destroyed, my heart breaks for her. If you are so inclined, please donate to the American Red Cross to help those on the east coast recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.
Oh and the apples are Arkansas Blacks!

Being part of Foodie Penpal has been so fun but this will be my last time. Shipping is just too costly as I keep getting people on the east coast, which was fabulous and am so for it, but it cost me $18 to ship my box of goodies through usps and that's just wrong (and not really in my budget). So I'm thinking if anyone wants to start a "Local" foodie penpal, I'll set it up and handle it, just let me know!

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