Thursday, May 24, 2012

Build a Fort-Hand Made

We recently went to a birthday party for our friend's 4 year old son. I had no idea what to get him so I found this cute idea on Pinterest, a build your own fort kit! You buy all of the supplies and then combine them in a bag. I made both the supplies bag & fort kit bag as well as the sheet ties and kit card.

The task was pretty simple, attach 6 ties to each sheet (I only included 2 sheets) and stuff together in bags. The fun part was making the bags but you could buy some if you want and just put all the supplies in it. I made the kit card in a simple photo editing software by using a camo-fabric photo from the internet and adding text boxes and boards.

Here's what's in the kit:
2 Sheets with ties attached to each corner and then mid-way on each long side (6 ties total)
4 Suction Cups
4 Heavy Duty Clips
12 Laundry Clips
1 Flashlight (with batteries)
50' Nylon Rope
1 Bag for the Supplies
1 Big Bag for the Sheets & Supplies Bag

I bought the supplies at a dollar store & wal-mart and the sheets at good will. The bags & sheet ties I made with scrap fabric. In all I spent about $15. Such a wonderful gift!

btw, these work great for young girls too, everyone loves playing in a fort!!!

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