Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pirate Birthday Party Theme

I was 'hired' (I use the term loosely cuz I didn't charge my friend) to put together a birthday party for a friend's 3 year old. He had decided on Pirate theme and I went to town. Here is the result:

I made:
-A Pirate Ship Centerpiece that held all the pirate cake pops
-24 Pirate Head Cake Pops + 1 Captain
-12 Skull & Bones + 12 Treasure Chest Cookies (as favors)

-24 Pirate Hat Cookies for everyone
-1 Gallon Lemonade labeled 'Liquid Gold'
-1 Gallon Ice Tea labeled 'Pirate Rum'
-PB&J Sandwiches cut in Pirate Boat & Skull/Bones shapes (I made the strawberry jam)
-Directional Road Signs with Skull & Bones Flags

What else was served/pirate theme:
-Fruit Plate labeled 'Parrot Food'
-Pirate Booty
-Water dispenser labeled 'Sea Sludge'
-Pirate B-day Banner
-Treasure Chest Pinata filled with candy and plastic gold coins
-Cheese & Sliced Meats plates
-Multigrain crackers
-Table cloths, plates, napkins, straws, cups & utensils all matching and/or pirate themed
-Coloring book station
-Bubbles station

The party was a huge success and all under a $250 budget! (not including my fee) And my friends throwing it didn't have to do a thing, I did all the work/prep/set-up. If you'd like me to plan your next event, send me an email:

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