Saturday, February 4, 2012

1st B-day Quilt

We have 3 different 1st birthdays in a week! Jaxon, Christopher & Mason. Jaxon's Grandma makes him the most adorable quilts so I'll be getting him a book instead. But Christopher & Mason will each get a blanket from me. Because I missed Christopher's baby shower, I decided to make him a baby quilt out of flannel material. As for Mason, I bought this super cute panel for Maiyo and decided to make it into a blanket for Mason instead.

The quilt will be made out of these flannel prints:

Even though Christopher's already 1, I'm sure he'll be able to use this quilt as a play blanket. I'm following this Simply Charming Quilt pattern by Quilting in the Rain. As you can see in the pic above, I've cut 40 (5x5) blocks and 4 (5x36.5) rectangles. Then I sewed the blocks together in strips of 8 then sewed the strips and rectangles together.

I then sandwiched the quilt top with a natural cotton batting and a plain yellow flannel back fabric. Instead of binding the quilt, I used the quilt back (yellow fabric) to make a boarder. I pulled the fabric forward, pressed then refolded and pressed again. Here's a pic of the pinned quilt & boarder:

Next I stitched the Boarder by hand then tied off the quilt using purple embroidery floss. Here it is completed:

For Mason, here's a part of the panel I mentioned and the backing is an already quilted fabric that my friend Sheila Moon gave me from her clothing company leftovers!

With this blanket I just pinned the top panel to the quilted fabric and used the back fabric to make the boarder like the quilt above then sewed together.

Instead of quilting this blanket I also decided to tie it off with orange embroidery thread so that it would pop a little more. This blanket will be a great for many hours of play time. Hope he likes it!

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