Friday, January 4, 2013

Sunday Baker Challenge

We'll as most of you know I had my son 16 months ago. I gained 40 pounds when I was pregnant with him and I've only been able to drop 1/2 the weight since then, not that I've really tried...

Well it's time to finally hunker down and get back into shape! I was 168 lbs when I got pregnant, a little on the high side even though I was super fit and at the end of a 23 race cyclocross season. I've always been on the big side, only once did I get 'really skinny' when I was running I got down to 135, but that was far too skinny for me. My ideal weight is around 145-150 but my goal this year is 155. That means at 184.8 this morning I have 30 pounds to loose!

To keep motivated with the training, I'm gonna try and take the Sunday Baker Challenge. Sunday Baker is a food blog I follow and get inspiration from, and I thought it'd be nice to have other ladies to motivate me. I'm terrible with journals, keeping track, and staying motivated, so lets see how this works.

I'm not on a diet or running any resolutions (I hate resolutions!) but I do want to race cyclocross next season so I need to get this weight down. Any encouragement and support is welcome!

Here's my before side & front shots:

Waist: 38 Hips: 43 Weight: 184.8

Today's first challenge: walk 30 mins & drink 8 glasses of water. No Problem!

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