Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kiwi Lemon Jam

Well, it's Kiwi season so of course I have a bunch of kiwi's to play with. My first recipe is non other than a jam recipe, of course!

I think I found this recipe through Punk Domestics, but it's on a blog called Vanilla Garlic (makes me think of Garlic Ice Cream-if you've never tried it, I'd suggest once is good enough) anyway, I'm having a lot of fun reading it so go check it out.

This Chef, Garrett McCord, is out of Sacramento so we share the same seasons and local produce which means I'll be trying out a bunch more of his recipes for sure. I loved the idea of this recipe, with the marraige of Lemon & Kiwi, but after making it, the only problem I had is with how overly sweet it turned out so next time I make it (and as detailed in the recipe below), I'll probably increase the fruit and cut out some sugar.

I also made a few other changes like letting the kiwi & lemon macerate together overnight and I added a little pectin to firm it up a bit. I'm very happy with the end result and I must say, it is a very esthetically pleasing jam as well, so great for gift giving!

Kiwi Lemon Jam
Makes ~42 oz

4 lbs Kiwi (Peeled & Sliced in rounds)
2 C Unrefined Sugar
1 Lemon (Washed, De-seeded and diced)
2 Tbsp Low-Sugar Pectin

-In a large bowl mix sliced Kiwi with 1 cup of Sugar, set aside.
-In a food processor, pulse diced Lemon & 1 cup Sugar for about 1 min, let sit for about an hr.
-Mix Kiwi & Lemon sugars together and let macerate in the refrigerator overnight.
-Place fruit in a non-reactive pot and bring to a boil then lower to medium, add in Pectin and stir frequently until sugar is dissolved and fruit is mushy, about 15 mins.
-Ladle into sterilized jars and process for 10 mins. (or keep in refrigerator for up to 2 months) Water bath processed jam will keep in a cool dark place for about 1 year.

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