Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Owls & Monkeys, My Baby Turns One!

Of course I wanted a very special celebration for my baby turning one, so I came up with a Monkey & Owl theme that went like this:

Monkey See, Monkey Do
We want to Hoot to You
That Baby Maiyo is Turing One
and We're going Bananas
cuz we Want You to Join the Fun!

Hoot Yes or Hoot No, cuz Baby Maiyo Wants to Know!

We had so many wonderful friends, new and old, come and enjoy a very warm sunny day in Corralitos, it was absolutely wonderful. Great food, yummy desserts, lots of games, plenty of fun areas for the kids, it was probably the best kids b-day party ever!

Thanks so much to my wonderful friends Dr. Goldi & Ben, for hosting us at your beautiful home and arranging the Boardwalk Game Lady (Thanks Trish!) to entertain all 25 kids (and some parents) in fun times. As they say the 1st birthday party is more for the parents, well with Ben taking over the BBQ and Trish entertaining with games, Ana & I really did get to enjoy ourselves and we had a blast!

Recipes of the individual treats to come soon, for now here's some pictures taken by the talented Juanita Turner!

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